Lake Home and Cabin Shows, Log Cabin Concert Special Guest Prudence Johnson 4/19

Greetings once again from the Tundra.
I just keep plowing and snow blowing the snow, what else to can I do?
Been enjoying trips to Madison (Photo shows the television interview I did!), Chicago and Minneapolis to perform with the Lake Home and Cabin Shows…been so fun to meet new people and actually go SOUTH! Looking forward to going to Milwaukee…fun to hear my music featured on the commercial for their shows…”Time To Get Away.”
I was able to get down to the Abacos (part of the Bahamas) to join good friends Karen and Richard on their most wonderful boat…but all that warm weather now seems so far away!

Prudence Johnson will be joining me at a special (just added) Log Cabin Concert on April 19, at 7pm. She invited Jane Aleckson to join her. Jane is a regular performer at Big Top Chautauqua…and am looking forward to playing a tune or two with them. I will open the show…hoping to hear soon from those who want to join us! AND there are still seats open for the March 15, Log Cabin Concert!
I hope to be able to write again soon but time to hibernate a bit more before heading down to Excelsior Friday to play at 318 Café and Saturday at the Frozen Apple Fest in Apple Valley…be sure to check out the calendar…excited to see you guys again!
Keep Warm!

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