KSTP’s Jason Davis (On The Road) Films Log Cabin Concerts

Wow! Monday evening, we had the honor of hosting Jason Davis (of “On The Road With Jason Davis”) at our Log Cabin Concert!  He and his cameraman David Peterson did a story on the concerts we have been holding at our Cabin for 8+ years.  They came up here in their two-wheel “ON THE ROAD” van on a very snowy day!!! They were right on time. The moon came out at the end of the evening and Dave was able to get a great shot of the moon over the cabin!

TO VIEW THE KSTP program click HERE.

To read about the program on KSTP click HERE.

WDIO TV/Duluth plans to air the program on 1/5/14 @ their 6pm and 10pm newscasts and on the 6am newscast 1/6/14! So check it out!

I have had the privilege of working with Jason since 97 when he did a story on our solar-powered studio and lifestyle in the woods. Both Jason and I recieved an Emmy for music and production of Soaring on Mended Wings for the Raptor Center in 2003 or so. He was also the MC for the  IN CONCERT WITH NATURE program I did with Jim Brandenburg at the Guthrie also in 2003.  Jason is a great guy and awesome human interest reporter with KSTP in Minneapolis, MN.

The feature will air the program about our Log Cabin Concerts on December 29th @ 10:30 during the newscast (not his program at 11pm) and again on 12/30 @ the 11am newscast!  Thanks, Jason, Dave and all our attendees who make it all possible!!

We still have openings for our New Year’s Eve weekend’s Log Cabin Concerts as well as for 2014 dates. 
Call now (612.789.2255) before the rush of those who see the program and want to join us! Love to have you join us in our home!


PS We wish many of you could have been there to join us in the filming!

Van photo by Denny FitzPatrick
Michael, Deb and Jason Photo snapped by Bob Pranis

3 thoughts on “KSTP’s Jason Davis (On The Road) Films Log Cabin Concerts

  1. Scott D says:

    Hi. I sure hope they eventually have the program online so that those of us unlucky enough to be out of Minnesota can see it.

    1. admin says:

      Yes absolutely will post it upon receipt! It is not available til after the broadcast!!!! Thanks Scott!


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