Seaton Custom Guitars 

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Michael Monroe’s Seaton Guitars were dubbed the “Gunflint Guitars” by Cabin Life Magazine in their article, This Cabin Really Sings, because they were created on the Gunflint Trail, Grand Marais, MN.

These custom guitars are named by David instead of numbered. Their names are: Baby Snow Leopard (tenor), Siobahn (classical electric acoustic midi), Snow Leopard (baritone), and Flamenca Del Rosa (steel string.)

The Snow Leopard Guitars’ fret boards are made of 200 year-old reclaimed birch from the bottom of Lake Superior. Ed Hedstrom of Hedstrom Lumber in Grand Marais, MN found this unique Bird’s Eye Poplar and showed it to David with the idea to use the wood to build guitars. He did use the wood for the bodies of  these guitars. The Sound hole is located in the upper bout or side of the guitar closest to the player’s ear.

Flamenca del Rosa was the first guitar David built and it was meant for a friend of his in Michigan. Once Michael played it however, he fell in love. It had it’s debut at the Guthrie Theater for the Jim Brandenburg/Michael Monroe 2003 collaboration In Concert With Nature. David was drilling to install the pick-up an hour before the show, which added a certain level of anticipation backstage. This steel stringed guitar is asymmetrical, with the sound hole in the top corner of the guitar, rather than under the strings.

David gifted a sweet ukelele to Michael. The uke is made of birch wood gifted to David by Michael’s father Bob Monroe. It’s name is Makau Kane Mele which means, the father is singing.