For Sale: Simple Life Rustic Log Cabin Hovland

TUNE In To Nature, TAP In To Rustic Cabin Living


Our Rustic Simple Life Cabin is for sale (where the tune Simple Life was written), 10 minute walk from Lake Superior, close to the Superior Hiking Trail…Like camping indoors.

  • 1480 Sq Ft Rustic Cabin
  • 2 Indoor wood stoves for ambiance and heat.
  • 1 Propane heater heat source.
  • 2 bedroom: 2 beds
  • Kitchen: Gas Stove
  • Bathroom: Indoor Compost Toilet
  • Phone and DSL Internet available

Hear Michael Monroe’s SIMPLE LIFE TUNE

2 thoughts on “For Sale: Simple Life Rustic Log Cabin Hovland

  1. Myles says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’m interested in your cabin as a long-term place to live, but I’m having trouble getting a quote for insurance because it’s far from a city and wood-heated. Do you have advice for finding an insurance company/could you tell me about how much it was a month when you lived there?


    1. Deb Mueller says:

      Greetings Myles,
      We sent an email to you from our gmail email. (Please check your spam file and mark it as NOT JUNK, thanks!). We provided the insurance info including our previous “owner’s” quote a where she was obtaining it from. I don’t see a way to attach it to this message…unfortunately. In that email we also provided tele and you are welcome to contact us with questions…I didn’t want to put all the info on our web site…as it can get scraped…so I will approve the public version of this without the details. Cheers! Deb and Michael


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