Newish Michael Monroe Music MN Facebook Page

Formerly the home of Log Cabin Concerts (Michael Monroe) FB Page

THIS PAGE HAS NOW BEEN PUT IN FB JAIL since October 2023. They are accusing Michael of stealing his own copyrights and impersonating his own celebrity as this page is formally connected to his first scammed and reported page. Been a nightmare as this page is not even showing up these days.

INSTEAD GO TO: Michael’s Personal Facebook Page as updates will be posted there!

You don’t have to friend him as it is a public page you can still post and comment, share etc.

Michael’s personal page looks like this:


Look for this FB Page to Join/Follow NOW! Thank you! We had 5k fans/friends on our previous page and hope to move everyone back into this page soon. All pending return of my original FB Page via our reports to the Attorney Generals’ of CA/AZ. Fingers crossed!

CLICK HERE http://facebook.com/michaelmonroemusicmn

(We may still show the previous page if you click on FB Logo on the bottom of this page…we will soon have that updated!)

Newish Michael Monroe Music MN Facebook Page Join Now!

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