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16th Year

2021 DATES                                                                                     

Michael Monroe’s Log Cabin Concerts, Grand Marais, MN
Join "MN Acoustic Music Master," (Star Tribune) Michael Monroe for an enchanting evening of north shore harmonies…a performance and reception in his beautiful log home on the North Shore of Lake Superior, located 7 miles outside of  GRAND MARAIS, MN.
Since 2005, Michael has performed in his home, singing music he wrote inspired by the beauty of the North Shore. He blends his rich vocals, crystal/bamboo flutes with custom Seaton Guitars, that were crafted on the Gunflint Trail, with rare woods including 200 year-old reclaimed wood from the bottom of Lake Superior.  
Michael shares his acoustic music, ambiance and welcomes audiences to enjoy a reception of savory - sweets and a time to gather with others. 
"Log Cabin Concerts are the perfect place for an evening of live music built around the joys of nature, solitude and getting away from the big city. This cabin really sings!Andy Bennett, Cabin Life Magazine.
CONTACT: 612.789.2255 We share details by telephone

2021 DATES


Shuttle Service: 218.387.1801
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 Summer and Fall only
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New Year’s Eve 2017-18

Photo by Anna Lahr

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 Music And Hospitality Warm A Snowy Night



 People Are Saying- Reviews

  • It is the ideal cozy-venue…magical music, the warmth of the large logs glowing in low light created a unique harmony of sound and sight. (Jake/Gayle)
  • A joy to hear you in this beautiful cabin…the warmth of candles and wood make a soulful blend with Michael’s rich voice. (Kevin)
  • Enjoying the tunes, the trees, the serenity, the solitude the calming energy the open space….(Maureann)
  • Thanks for sharing this awesome venue with us…it will be one of many cherished moments we have with you both! (John/Shennandoah)
  • Your music was amazing, …time fresh & familiar, soothing, insightful & challenging…wise, wistful & playful! (Ronna/Steve)
  • I’ve watched you for 20 years. This was a whole new facet. the intimacy was something to be treasured and the company was stimulating. I’ve never seen anything like it! (Todd/Susan)
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20 thoughts on “LOG CABIN CONCERTS

  1. Eric Lund says:

    The Log Cabin Concerts are a wonderful experience. Sue and I went up for our anniversary last summer and had a great time. Good food, great music and a chance to make new friends, in a gorgeous setting. Plan a weekend in Grand Marais and spend the evening with Michael and Deb, you won’t regret either one.

  2. Denny FitzPatrick says:

    Being immersed in Michael’s music at a log cabin concert is like rejuvenating meditation, an infusion of peace and joy and beauty for the senses – always makes me want to come back for more.

  3. admin says:

    (Submitted with permission of TH)
    I would like to thank you so much for having us at your home for what was for all of us a very unique, wonderful experience. All of us were awestruck at the talent that Michael demonstrates in addition to his heartwarming tales and his gracious smile. We all had a wonderful time and we will not soon forget it.
    We were also quite struck by your heartfelt welcome and your innate ability to associate faces with names. I wish that there would have been more time to talk with you and Michael, as you are both amazing and unique people. You did have a pretty large crowd for the concert, but you still took the time to thank each person for coming and to say goodbye.
    After we left your home, all of us spent the balance of our ride back to Tofte talking about how wonderful our time was. We’d never experienced anything quite like it and hope to come back during the winter to enjoy a winters’ eve with you and Michael again.
    I would like to extend my heartfelt wishes for a wonderful and peaceful fall season.
    Sincerely yours,
    Timothy and Pamela
    Bloomington, MN

  4. Sally Anderson says:

    Thank you for the time you spent with the students at WIS in Waseca. What a delight to attend your concert Friday evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of music you played and shared. And to see what you were able to help the children accomplish is remarkable. And to give them a love and appreciation for music and instruments is priceless. I am hoping to be able to attend one of your log cabin concerts. Looks heart warming! You have a great talent and I’m glad you care enough to want to share it with others. God bless.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Sally! Waseca Artist Residency events were amazing and glad that you so enjoyed!!! It was so cool of you to send your kind response to my program! Hope you can make it up to the Log Cabin Concert! I added you to my monthly email list! Cheers! Michael
      PS We also have a Facebook page: http://facebook.com/michaelmonroemusic

  5. admin says:

    Located this on Facebook 12/30.14 by Jon Kirkeide:
    “Just returned from some OVER THE TOP time spent on Thee Superior North Shore!…
    Highlight of the trip, and our YEAR, was the priceless experience and honor we got by attending the Log Cabin Concert at the home of Michael and Deb!
    The POSITIVE ENERGY THEY SHARE with those present is felt upon arrival and continued until we departed with smiles and memories to take us thru the coming year. Ms. Deb is a seasoned host and ensured there was no desire left unfilled.
    We have seen and heard Michael play his music at other venues. The atmosphere and energy at his home creates an experience that filled our minds with thoughts of thankfulness and positive visions to recall as we enter into the New Year.
    For years I have been a fan of the folk music type songs of Jimmy Buffet and the lifestyle he describes in many of his lesser known lyrics. I have had the saying “Jimmy Buffet does not only share his music. He shares a lifestyle.” After having the honor of a log cabin experience given at the home of Mr. Monroe and Ms. Deb, I now know Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers do not hold a candle to the observations, life experiences and positive messages that Michael shares with his music.
    The only things close to the inspiring messages he relays with his lyrics – is his remarkable musical talent and ability to multi task and use modern technology to create his one of a kind incredible sound. He left us amazed with his jaw dropping, smile inducing talent. It is quickly obvious he has spent years in honing his talents and is driven to share his positive life experiences in ways that create deep thoughts and reflections to help others see their own reality in a new light.”

  6. Patricia Braasch says:

    I try to attend at least one Log Cabin Concert every summer. This year I attended two, on one weekend and the next! Each concert is new, different , and yet familiar. I love being in Michael and Deb’s home. Comfortable. I highly recommend attending a Log Cabin Concert if you have the opportunity. Sit back. Relax. Immerse yourself in Michael’s wonderful music, in the perfect setting.

    1. admin says:

      You have been there almost as much as anyone! We love having you there in ‘your chair’! Thanks for joining us Pat! Twice in One Week! LOL! Hugs!

  7. Christine St Germain says:

    Like a sweet, soulful version of Gordon Lightfoot.

  8. Jim Hovland says:

    Hi Michael and Deb – it’s Jim Hovland from MPLS. I’m curious when your next Log Cabin Concert will be. I’d like to bring Shawn up to see your place and show her Grand Marais. Please let me know – thanks!


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