MN State Fair Call of the Moose my new tune!

MN State Fair Call of the Moose my new tune! – Michael Monroe

Join me this Friday, August 29 at 1 and 3pm, as I will be singing the new tune I wrote: Call of the Moose a musical tribute to the elusive moose…so hope you stop by and pick up a copy! I may be there on Thursday, August 28th performing or signing CDs at the DNR booth…come and visit me…weather permitting! Looking forward to seeing you all….Michael
Find out more about the Call of the Moose.
PS the weather has me leaning away from Thursday so focusing on Friday, 8/29/2014.

8 thoughts on “MN State Fair Call of the Moose my new tune!

  1. Pat Braasch says:

    Sure wish I lived closer so I could attend more of your events, Michael. It’s still nice to hear of your travels and performances.

  2. Jo Ellen says:

    Love your blog. It is very complex, though. I wonder if that is why you do not have so many responses? “As it Should be” is one of my favorite tunes from your collection. Looking forward to hearing the new album and “Call of the Moose”. My husband and I are fans and did attend one of your lovely cabin concerts, several years ago. You and your wife are so warm and welcoming. An experience we will not forget and highly recommend to others. We love Grand Marais and surroundings. Thanks for all of your joyful music and sharing of your inspirational lifestyle.

  3. Jeri says:

    Check your dates.
    Always look forward to hearing your latest works but will miss this debut due to injury.

  4. Becky says:

    Did you mean August 29th or September 29th? Just looking to clarify as I am planning a trip to the fair on August 29th.

  5. admin says:

    Thanks to all of you for correcting my dates, oops! Yes Friday, 29th of August…and Pat wished you lived closer too! Thanks for all your kind words you guys! Michael

  6. Rick vasterling says:

    I’m “Byron’s” son in law. Melanie and I loved your cabin concert a few months ago. I have a German client who is coming to the states in October. He loves the North shore. If it works out I told him I want to bring him to your cabin concert.
    See you on the 29th. That was the day we were going before we knew you would be there.
    Must be fate!

  7. admin says:

    Hey Rick, that would be cool to have you here again and with your client…love that! See you at the Fair hope the weather stays clear…M

  8. Jeff Peterson says:

    Wish you would have been there yesterday. Would have shared your music with my Scott and Deb.


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