Find my Music and DVDs on USB (2GB)

Greening up- so heads up!
SO COOL! It’s now possible to purchase all my cds (11) on one USB drive for a significantly lower cost! Or it is also available with my NEW Log Cabin Concert DVD/few extra CDs…
It is 100% bamboo and once you have loaded the music/film onto your computer you can recycle the 2GB bamboo USB on a keychain for your own use!
Call for details (612-789-2255) or check it out at one of my next performances.
Happy Spring!
PS Many people on the table think it is a freebie giveaway …NOT! One woman even thought they were individually wrapped little cookies!

1 thought on “Find my Music and DVDs on USB (2GB)

  1. Abby says:

    Your USB wooden compilation “album” is awesome. We love not having to change discs!! However, our 7 year old son wishes we would just ‘repeat track’ on Life is a Mystery! Thank you for all of your songs, they continue to brighten and enlighten our lives!


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