Michael and Noah Hoehn recording in studio.
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Michael Monroe’s MisTree Solar Studio moved from its earlier rustic location in Hovland, MN to it’s current location 7 miles from Grand Marais, MN. Michael has been recording using solar power in his MisTree Studio since 1997 and continues to create and record his music there. The North Shore setting is beautiful. Michael’s nearly 40 years of recording offer his expertise and he has ‘big ears’ as they say in the biz. Consider MisTree Solar Powered Studio for your next recording project.


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2 thoughts on “SOLAR STUDIO

  1. Steve Aldrich says:

    Exactly how do we get to tonight’s concert?

    1. admin says:

      Greetings Steve,
      Please call us regarding the Log Cabin Concert for further info! We share details by phone: 6 1 2.7 8 9.2 2 5 5


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