Folk Legends 3

Folk Legends 3 – Michael Monroe, Acoustic Performing Artist

Unplugged, Michael Monroe on vocals and acoustic guitars.

Folk Legends is available on CD and Acoustic Guitar 8GB USB and also available are:

All Michael Monroe Recordings with video scenes from his Log Cabin Concert DVD.

Folk Legends 3 CD Collection on Acoustic Guitar 8 GB USB Drive

Custom Acoustic Guitar 8GB USB Flash Drive


  • Sounds of Silence • Simon and Garfunkel
  • Imagine  • John Lennon
  • Woodstock • Joni Mitchell
  • Yellow Taxi • Joni Mitchell
  • Wild World • Cat Stephens
  • Where Do The Children Play • Cat Stephens
  • Forever Young • Bob Dylan/Rod Stewart
  • Peace Train • Cat Stephens
  • Moonshadow • Cat Stephens

Michael Monroe’s 2017 FOLK LEGENDS 3 was released April 2017 at Chanhassen DT Fireside Theatre.