From My Backyard LIVE Online Stream

From My Backyard LIVE Stream Online



Schedule • 5/9 • Check In 6:45pm • Concert 7pm

Join in Michael’s acoustic stream early @ 6:45pm and let us know where you are from and your beverage of choice etc. We will wait til most everyone arrives and begin the show at 7pm.
This timing will give us an opportunity to make technical adjustments etc. as during the Log Cabin LIVE Stream 2, Michael accidently streamed from his PERSONAL Facebook page and so the link was not available…not easy to locate! APOLOGIES!
Crooner’s changed their plans again due to Covid and we are hoping to stream from our new location, however if we stream from the Log Cabin, well then we had to remain flexible! Please post your comments and photos of you watching on your device! Thank you in advance for your generous donations, we seriously appreciate your efforts especially now with shows all cancelled up!

Contributions/Tickets are by donation.


SQUARE (Takes Apple Pay/GPay)


ORGANIZE a Watch Party!

Sneakers the pup who belongs to the Haneys, is organizing a backyard watch party. He is not restrained by the table! Enlarge to see his collar is on and it matches the table. LOL! (No animals were harmed in this photo!)