Folk and Rhythm Festival – Michael Monroe Folk Legends

Folk and Rhythm Festival – Michael Monroe’s Folk Legends

Michael Monroe performs original tunes and sings iconic tunes by folk legends's: by James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Peter Paul & Mary etc.

Michael Monroe  Minnesota Acoustic Music Master (Star Tribune), has performed his original music and thriving since his early 1973 vinyl debut. Monroe was then invited by Paul Stookey of Peter Paul & Mary, to record his first demo in the chicken coop studio owned by Stookey on the east coast of Maine.

“If You Could Read My Mind, you would know I didn’t even think of Leaving On A Jet Plane this winter. Instead, I was Feelin’ Groovy in my solar studio recording Puff The Magic Dragon, even though I Dig Rock and Roll Music. How Can I Tell You That I Love You for helping me through the Kickstarter to be LivIng In The Moment and throw caution to The Wind? That’s the Secret O’ Life! I say If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out and Shower The People you love with love! So if You are a Father, (&) Son, sister, or mother, You’ve Got A Friend in Michael Monroe.”

Creating his own road-less-traveled in the business of making original music, Monroe moved to the North Shore of Lake Superior in 1994, leaving his twenty seven years of Twin City gigs behind. He lived rustically for eleven years, writing and recording his tunes inspired by the beautiful area, in his solar- powered log cabin MisTree Studio. In 2004, Monroe moved to a more posh log cabin near Grand Marais where he and his business partner/wife Deb Mueller created their own music venue Log Cabin Concerts, located in their beautiful log home. For the past ten years they have hosted guests from all over the world who enjoy his original melodies that reflect the north shore vibe. He plays his hand- crafted Seaton Guitars made on the Gunflint Trail, from two hundred year-old reclaimed wood from the bottom of Lake Superior.

The Log Cabin Concerts have been featured nationally in Cabin Life magazine and regionally in Lake Superior Magazine, On The Road’s with Jason Davis most recently in the Star Tribune 2/28/15.

Monroe has always embraced “…technology as an instrument…” (Bream) and though vinyl has become trendy again, digital technology has been the music medium of choice. He was a ‘looper’ in 1990, long before it became mainstream and could be considered the one of the ‘grandfathers’ of looping. It has been a fun challenge for the 62 year-old master looper to navigate the social media scene, such as Facebook, YouTube and other changes in the music biz. Recently, he put his 12 albums on a 2GB USB wooden replica of his Snow Leopard Guitar, successfully blending nature with technology and people love it!

Monroe’s award winning soundtracks have been featured on PBS/CBC, Toronto Enviro/New York Indie Film Fests in the Chased By The Light documentary about National Geographic Jim Brandenburg’s 90 Day Photo Journey. He received a regional Emmy for Soaring On Mended Wings and in 2014 the Star Tribune presented his music as a soundtrack to their four-season features, MN State of Wonders.

Michael Monroe is on a one man mission to bring back the word groovy into our vocabulary, why not? Its fun and groovy!