Twice In One Day

Twice In One Day – Michael Monroe’s first CD: /Vocals/Guitar/Bamboo Flute, Pat Mackin/Sax, Mike Hurley/Drums, Marc Anderson/Percussion, Kevin Daley/Guitar, Enrique Toussaint/Bass.

This album blends expressive lyrics with an “island sound” about which Dirty Linen magazine said, “This guy could sell a million records…”

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Cover Photo by Ric Peterson  Please note, online digital services attribute Michael Monroe’s music CDs to a Finnish heavy metal rocker, originally named Matti Fagerholm.  Minnesota’s Michael Monroe Bio


Dirty Linen

Michael Monroe combines fusion jazz, reggae and calypso with a kind of new age outlook on life. He has a supple voice and uses sophisticated jazzy arrangements of electric and acoustic guitar, exotic percussion, keyboards and flute. The production is extremely spiffy for a self-produced album, and the glossy insert even includes lyrics. Having said, “new age” a label some people dread, I should emphasize that the music itself would never bring those words to mind, it’s the lyrics that do. Case in point: an A capella, stoop singing song called, “Follow Your Happiness,” and a reggae song called, “Here Now.” I thought, “this guy could be on the fringe for the rest of his life, or he could sell a million records.” Hard to say which, maybe the combination of jazzy arrangements and the ‘find your inner child’ lyrics could be big.


Long time, no see! However, I got a “Michael” shock this morning when “All Kinds of Music” came on the radio. Wow, I must say that whole album is my favorite all around. So much material and great concepts to grab ahold of. It really is a treat to hear your music, Michael. It’s like the bright shining star in a pitch black night. Like the sunrise and the rainbow after a night of thunderous storms. I still listen to the 3 albums that I have all the time. I am hoping to make it to your Lake Harriet gig tomorrow night. It’s been too long since I’ve got to experience the live music of  Michael Monroe. My life is starting to come back together after being destroyed, so I look forward to seeing the both of you if I can make it down there. Either way, have a great day and a great gig! Peace, Janson