Summer Rain

Summer Rain – Michael Monroe’s first recording was released on vinyl in 1980. “Summer Rain” was released on CD in 1993 in the USA It was featured May 2003 in the Japanese “Music Magazine” and released by the Japanese label “Bittersweet America” (Vivd Sound) in 2006, followed by a feature in the Japanese publication, “Record Collector”. This TOP TEN Twin Cities MN (Sweet Potato, 1981) album received airplay on “THE BREEZE” and led to performances in the U.S. Virgin Islands. (Available on Vinyl) This album is ever popular decades later.


• Photo by Ric Peterson • CD Graphics by Christopher Bartels

Please note, online digital services attribute Michael Monroe’s music CDs to a Finnish heavy metal rocker, originally named Matti Fagerholm.  Minnesota’s Michael Monroe Bio


*Previously unreleased songs. All music and lyrics written by Michael Monroe ©1980,1993*, with the exception of STRINGMAN by Kenny & Yvonne Rankin, ©1972 Four Score Music, Inc. BMI and LADYFRIENDS by Bill Hues, ©1973 Yarone Publishing Co.


Japanese Review

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Music Magazine Inc.
Review Translated from Japanese by Makoto Oeda© 
Hi-Fi Record Store Perrier Jingumae Bld.3F,6-19-17,Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo-To,150-0001, 

I am run over by the singer-songwriter work which has the scent of jazzy, and has a gentle melody with gut guitar sound. This CD of Michael Monroe who has been living in Minnesota is the music to which such desire satisfy from the bottom of my heart. It is long in the winter of Minnesota. The severe cold buried in snow deep from November of an every year to the end of following March visits. I think that the climate sharpens an artist’s sensitivity well. Warm vocal and a melancholic melody. A jazzy cord work. The work of Michael Monroe has wonderful inner digestion. Sound of his music sinks in and comes to the place where it became clear in the inner part of my heart, and lives quietly and is attached. It is original LP at the time of the 1980 announcement which he hold in the jacket. On the occasion at 1993 of this CD re-issue, the bonus track of two songs was newly recorded and was added. Michael has already released a total of five works, and has recorded two songs on live in 2000 again by reciting to his own “gut guitar” accompaniment from this album “Summer Rain”. This is also the work of a result of best quality.

Twin Cities Reader and KTWN Radio, 1981


****Reviewer: Sandi Harwell from Coon Rapids, Minnesota United States

We discovered Michael Monroe by accident. We were dining at Pracna On Main, in Minneapolis, MN in the 1980’s, and near the end of our meal he was setting up to perform. We hung around to see what he was all about and were SO glad we did! We stayed for the rest of the night, until he was done and bought the “Summer Rain” cassette he was selling at the time. Today I finally figured out how to get that old cassette into my computer, so I could make it into a CD format instead.

Now I’ve learned that he rereleased “Summer Rain” on CD in 1993, adding two songs that I don’t have! I’m going to have to go on a mission to find it, because I love the cassette that I have and I’m sure the two new additional songs will be good too.

Catch him live, if you can. He’s something else … a one-man performer who manages to surround himself in all kinds of musical instruments and sound through his equipment, like magic! I’m so glad for the internet, where I’ve learned he’s got other CDs to check out now too, especially the accalimed “As Far As I Can See,” recorded in a northern Minnesota log cabin and powered only by solar energy!


Summer Rain Email, 2003

Ah Michael, Michael, Michael,

I had a friend over tonight, and was sifting through some old albums, and came across ‘summer rain’……………we listened to it, (sharing a bottle of french wine) all the way through, from beginning to end.

It has been so many years michael. so very many years. and yet, here you are, still making the music, still pursuing the destiny, so to speak. the music still moves, even after almost 30 years.

It indeed brought forth many memories…….but, also moved in the present……and so i salute you on this late evening. salute you for your commitment to the unfolding of your own soul and encourage you to carry on……carry on with the music……carry on….carry on.

My Very Best,

David M