Live At The Cedar

Live At The Cedar – Michael Monroe’s 8th CD: recorded LIVE at The Cedar Cultural Center on 12/6/08. Music/Lyrics by Michael Monroe performing on vocals/acoustic guitars, bamboo/glass flutes. Noah Hoehn guest artist on Harmonica IF and Winter Embrace. Special bonus track from WTIP Radio, Grand Marais, MN with Michael Johnson and Michael Monroe, performing together on  I Sing Your Songs formerly called, At Home.

• Here Now
• What I Needed Most
• Peace Of Mind
• Moonshadow
• Wintersong
• Light Of Love
• Simple Life
• Winter Embrace
• Calling
• IF
• As It Should Be
• I Sing Your Songs


Engineered by Scott Malchow • Photo by David Honor 
Please note, online digital services sometimes attribute Michael Monroe’s music CDs to a Finnish heavy metal rocker, originally named Matti Fagerholm.  Minnesota’s Michael Monroe Bio