IF – Michael Monroe’s 5th CD: featuring Michael on vocals, acoustic guitar, bamboo and crystal flutes… Marc Anderson on percussion Ed Willett on acoustic string bass and cello Erik Naslund on trumpet Jim Brandenburg’s photos of Michael grace the IF CD project. Many of these songs had been written, but it wasn’t til Jim took the photo and put IF in the corner…that the song IF had to be written in order to fit the title that Jim put on the cover! This recording celebrated Michael’s 50th birthday with a CD release at the Theatre Jeune Lune November 2002.
Les Kubas

I first saw Michael Monroe perform live at an art festival in Minneapolis. I heard him singing and his voice amazed me so I went over close to here more. His music is beautiful and simple. And his voice still amazes me every time I listen to his music. I strongly recommend his music to anyone. If and Simple Life are the only two that I own but they are great and I can’t wait to hear more of his music.

• IF
• Peace Of Mind
• You Are The One
• Skating Away
• What If
• Something For Now
• One Stupid Question
• Swim
• Pavan
• Forever Young


Cover photo by Jim Brandenburg 
Please note, online digital services attribute Michael Monroe’s music CDs to a Finnish heavy metal rocker, originally named Matti Fagerholm.  Minnesota’s Michael Monroe Bio


Italian Review by Roberto Menabò, Chitarrando: Blues Time

(Translated online by Systran Translation Service)Disc the title it shortest and immediate this IF of Michael Monroe who, to dispetto of the lapidario name, is instead a disc that deserves of being listened to with attention and calm It is not a job that can be felt in means to the daily noises, has need of a little solitudine, calm and peace for better being tasted and being appreciated. Monroe is from various decades that move from outsider in the world of the cantautorato American, but sure its music and its proposal are of a spanna advanced to the average are for the executive ability that for the taste of the writing and the professionality and the cure in the agreements and the search of the sound just. Music of Monroe has need little: a warm and airy voice, a decorous guitar, a flauto, percussions and a beautiful bugle that is felt here and there. That that is appraised is the coloritura of together and the good caratura of the songs like the introductory IF course moved and articulated or still powerful and warm version of Skating Away written from Ian Anderson of the Jethro Tull or still the cake Something For Now, a pearl on a fragrante and vellutato disc.