Chased By The Light

Chased By The Light – Michael Monroe’s 6th CD: a complete instrumental soundtrack by Michael Monroe, based on the music he created for the documentary on PBS, “Chased By Light, a Photographic Journey with Jim Brandenburg.

• Illumination
• One Step
• Something For Now
• Water Color
• Older Wiser
• Contemplating Mosses
• Determination
• Resolution

Cover Photo by Jim Brandenburg
Please note, online digital services attribute Michael Monroe’s music CDs to a Finnish heavy metal rocker, originally named Matti Fagerholm.  Minnesota’s Michael Monroe Bio


6 Awards of Excellence were awarded to this program by the Telly Awards and Videography and Original Music. It was also nominated for a regional Emmy, featured in Toronto’s Enviormental Film Festival October, 2003 and the New York Independent Film Festival in 2004.

DVD and VHS includes:

  • Chased By The Light Photography, Documentary and Instrumental Music
  • Looking For The Summer Photographs-featured 6/03 in National Geographic Magazine
  • Brandenuburg Gallerys
  • Special feature about Michael Monroe: Guthrie Performance, Songs from his CDs and web pages.

Chased by Light

Documentary on PBS

Michael Monroe’s first instrumental recording, Chased By The Light was created at his solar powered MisTree studio on the North Shore of Lake Superior, as a soundtrack for the documentary, CHASED BY THE LIGHT -A 90 Day Photographic Journey which premiered during the March 2003 pledge fund drive for TPT/PBS. The story reveals how Jim Brandenburg took only one photograph a day as part of a personal project and ended up with a best selling book and all 90 photos featured in one article of National Geographic. It was filmed on location in and around Ravenwood Studios, Jim’s studio/home in Ely on the edge of the BWCAW. Each of the 90 photographs inspired Michael to compose the music which reflects the many moods of this project. His CD recording expands the various musical themes he created for the film. The DVD also has a special section featuring several songs from the Guthrie Theater performance, IN CONCERT WITH NATURE, as Jim and Michael shared the stage in February 2003. Another special section features the photos from Jim’s new book, currently featured in the June 2003 issue of National Geographic Magazine, Looking For The Summer, which will be released this fall. The music and the documentary have already received 6 national (2 for the original music) Awards of Excellence from Video Awards (, as well as the Telly Awards ( The documentary was produced by Aurora/Cascade Pictures.



• I bought your new CD and I’m blown away with the ‘rich tones’ and even more with the emotional/spiritual ability of you music to move anyone to place in our minds and memories that we go to when we need to find inner peace.  Gene H.

• I finally had time to listen to your new CD. I put it in for my trip up the Shore today and WOW !!! It was a great experience and I wanted to thank you…so THANK YOU. Kevin B.