As Far As I Can See

As Far As I Can See – Michael Monroe’s 3rd CD: Star Tribune named it Top Ten and said, “Monroe, a rich-voiced eco-folkie, played all the instruments on this touching hymn to nature…A work of art straight from the heart.” It was also nominated for “Best Independent Recording” by the Minnesota Music Academy as well as a JPF nomination for “Best Folk Recording.” “Plugged into the sun,” says the Duluth News Tribune and “Fully at peace with his subtle, yet expressively powerful, delivery” about his music and life in the woods.  First of the Solar Powered Recordings…
• From My Backyard
• You and I
• Again and Again
• Unspoken Words
• Time Out of Mind (Whippoorwill)
• Where Do The Children Play
• Nobody Home
• Against The Wall
• Dawn Moon
• Spring



Cover Image by Tim Young 

Please note, online digital services attribute Michael Monroe’s music CDs to a Finnish heavy metal rocker, originally named Matti Fagerholm.  Minnesota’s Michael Monroe Bio

iTunes has temporarily removed this album from it’s store. Please contact us directly if you would like to download this song or find it on USB or purchase it as a CD. It is very popular and received all the awards etc! (Square Market below or email Michael)



Star Tribune TOP TEN Recording “art straight from the heart” January 1998

One year after the review, Jim Meyer picked this album as TOP TEN for the previous year listing it as #2

“Monroe a rich-voiced eco-folkie, played all the instruments on this touching hymn to nature, recorded at his solar-powered studio.

Art straight from the heart”

Star Tribune  by Jim Meyer, Minneapolis, 1/1997

At a time when pop music has gone high-tech and highly electronic, this singer-songwriter is sailing strongly against the wind. Monroe went to the the North Shore of Lake Superior to record a solar-powered CD in a log cabin studio. But the real breakthrough is Monroe’s music-making.Until recently, the 43 year old was an acoustic band leader in search of a style. On this third CD, he played all the instruments, usually just his guitar and a little percussion. The result is a set of calm but spirited works that accent Monroe’s strong, simple voice and inspiring messages. In this setting the pleasant variety of song styles seems natural and coherent.Cat Stevens’ ‘Where Do The Children Play’ fits neatly into this top-quality recording, which shows Monroe firmly in touch with his high artistic purpose.

St. Paul Pioneer Press…Jim Walsh…January 1997

Four New Cds aren’t afraid to break Minnesota Music Rules.‘ If the flrst month of the new year is any indication, 1997 could see the dawn of some of the most challenging sounds to ever come out of these parts. Here’s a look at four new records that defy the tried-and-true Minnesot a music rules:

Michael Monroe, “As Far As I Can See” (MisTree):
One of the things that bugs me most about modern music is that whenever I hear t he sound of wind or waves crashing, the only image that comes to mind is that of some studio engineer putting his flnger on a keyboard or opening a CD catalog of sound effects. But wit h veteran musician Monroe, the sounds of nature (wind, whippoorwills) on his third album are the real deal. Monroe recorded all ten of  these tracks in his log cabin in Hovland, Minnesota, where he has a home studio t hat runs entirely on solar power. It is a deeply personal bunch of songs chronicling all of Monroe’s 43 years; some of the standard folk arrangements are dated, but Monroe is a thoughtful tunesmith with a heart as big as the North Shore, and his reading of Cat Stevens’ 27-year-old ”Where Do The Children Play?‘ ends up sounding more timely than ever. ” As Far As I Can See‘ plays like Monroe’s personal mission statement – the sound of the disenchanted soul who has dropped out of society but who has chosen to make sense of it, instead of giving up. More (solar) power to him.