Abandin My Own Mind

Abandin My Own Mind – Michael Monroe’s 4th CD: recorded “Best Of and LIVE” venues, Minnesota Public Radio’s Grand Marais Broadcast, Imax Theatre New Years Eve ’99, Penumbra Theater, Gunflint Tavern, Grand Marais, MN. A “Best Of” his first three recordings as well as his demo of how he performs using his LIVE looping technique…he created in 1990. Michael recycles the musical harmonies, sings and plays on guitar and bamboo and crystal flutes.

• Life Is A Mystery
• You and I
• From My Backyard
• One Stupid Question
• Twisted
• Daddy Come Dance
• Wouldn’t It Be Good
• Summer Rain
• Follow Your Happiness
• Here Now
• Twice In One Day


Graphics by Christopher Bartels

Please note, online digital services attribute Michael Monroe’s music CDs to a Finnish heavy metal rocker, originally named Matti Fagerholm.  Minnesota’s Michael Monroe Bio

LIVE Recording/Compilation


*****Unsung Hero, December 15, 2002

Reviewer: tahayes3 (see more about me) from Northfield, MN United States Michael Monroe is a joy to my ears. The album offers a diverse collection of musically creative, interesting pieces from his midi guitar, which he explains in a live recording as the 13th track. A musician who speaks to those born in the 50s just as readily as those born in the 80s. Mix James Taylor with Bob Marley and you’d get an idea what Michael offers. If you buy this album you’ll be enriched by the lyrical poetry set to enchanting music.

*****It’s a MisTree to Me!, December 4, 2000

Reviewer: Doug Noyce, GypsyD from Janesville, WI USA

How some people can be talented, and blessed with an insight to life that just makes them GLOW! Moody Blues fans, Pink Floyd fans, Bob Marley fans, anyone who loves music that touches the synchronicities of life, and the knowledge that we are One… will LOVE Michael Monroe! Chosen to open for Dr. Wayne Dyer in Madison WI, this Minnesota virtuoso even brings his own electricity with him! You just have to listen, or better yet, SEE him if you can! Buy everything he’s done, you will not be disappointed.