Contributions (During Covid-19)

Contributions (During Covid 19)

Contribute during the time my performances are cancelled due to the unusual circumstances in the universe these days! We appreciate your support as always for my music! May we wake up soon and discover it was short-lived and we survived! Well so far…it isn’t short-lived. :-/ Thank you for your donation to my music.
Please stay safe, healthy and happy amidst it all!
In Appreciation,


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2 thoughts on “Contributions (During Covid-19)

  1. Rod Ellickson says:

    Always a pleasure to hear you. You have a wonderful gift. The Backyard Concert was delightful. jane and I especially love your original songs, and SummerRain is a Classic! By the way, we attended your wedding at Lake Harriet! Jane and I both retired from teaching a few years ago and spend our winters in Phoenix. We both do some gigging in the West Valley, classical piano for her and jazz piano for me. I’ll always remember our playing days at Prince of Peace! Anyway, it’s always wonderful to hear you perform. You are the best. Rod and Jane Ellickson

  2. admin says:

    Hi Rod and Jane,
    Funny thing. I mentioned the Prince of Peace event @ the Crooners Lakeside Drive-In show I did last week. I mentioned it was the last time I had played for people in cars…when they did a big concert like that! So glad you are on the stream tonight…it was fun to have you join us and hope you can tune in again on June 27! You’re friends with Dave Peterson then?? Who also played back then…same band? What a beautiful night tonight. Thanks so much for the lovely comment, good to know where you’re at! THANKS so much!


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